Ending my story with happiness

Here comes the end of my end-of-term exam. It was put off, which is suppose to take place at the end of the previous term, but now it has just finished at the beginning of this term.

I have to recoginze that this is a special feeling of moving an ending to the beginning. It just like the ink you are supposed to use for writing the end is now using as the ink to write the beginning of a newer story.

At the final time of the exam, even the air seemed to be more happier than my usual life. The smiling face appears on everyone’s face. Yes, here comes the end, the end of the tiring Grade 9 study, at least the end of upper part of it. Even if after the end, there is a darker and harder future.

Perhaps, this is an end with happiness.

“There has always been a question deep in my mind. That is, what is behind there? What is behind the flowers, behind the rivers and the mist fog?”

The sky is always darker before the sun rises than in midnight. Isn’t that funny? But when it get darker and darker in midnight, the lights on the both side of streets are lighted, and everyone will light their bumbs in their homes. All the man-made light together will almost light up the night. On the other hand, few minutes even seconds before the sun rises, nobody will light their bumbs or streetlights. Everyone fells asleep, and no one cares if the sun will rise - for sun will always rise.

So just enjoy it. With the sky is filled with darkness, the mind is wrapped with piece of cloth, it’s so tight and hard, that even make everyone lacks the necessary oxygen to breath in to live. Science won’t lie, if calculate properly, the sky is now brighter than midnight - but now it way more depressive.

Air flow started. Which is caused by the uncomplete heat of the grounding air. It was the air flow from the hotter area, which had smaller density, to take the place of the cooler air, which had bigger density and also, more pressure. Together slowly, they formed a cycling system between each other, acting like the waves in the sea. One, two, many waves hit the beach, with the lasting sound of water was echoing with the rocks. The sounds was just at a good volume, it was not loud enough to knock off anything near the window, but was enough to make a sleepy person heard, then fell asleep by this sweet and peaceful sound.

Cats, dogs, birds and bugs, had found their world in this mystery period of time. They were enjoying their earth, but not any other’s. Bugs - the ugliest animal that disliked by everyone, got it place to even make a speech. Wandering cats and dogs were now friendly to each other, they were both wanderers, so they were both friends. Birds would like to shout, but their flight suddenly turned into a silent trip, because they didn’t want to break this silence night, the crazy party of the nature’s wanderers.

The time the wind actually formed, is always the time that the air flow knocks down a leaf from a tree. With the sharp sound suddenly across whole dark world, leaves fell, leaving the only naked body of those trees. Air was flowing, then its sounds for baby to sleep, turned into cries to communicate with only one with hard times. Maybe it was a illusion, but almost instantly, as the leaves touched the ground, the ground got darker, the color of rich nutrients.

Wind formed. Blowing, crying, and would bring the deepest snow ever in future. Long hair was waving in the wind, with tears suddenly dropped onto the ground.

Silence streets were seem to be filled with shouts and laughs by kids now. How fine the day was! With dogs walking along the roads, birds flying around the park. Cats were walking around to find something to eat, perhaps its target was those birds.

The only lack, the only thing the whole world forgot to add - was the children, the running kids. Maybe more, not only kinds, but everyone.

“Where’s everyone, I can’t see their smiling faces.”

A weak sound echoes in the dark, then dropped into silence.

“You made it.”

A weak sound echoes in the dark, this time, the dark deep in the brain.

“I made it.”

Her voice showed she was shocked. No one will critic her faults, everyone will made the choice. But she would, she would never forget that trustable face, that promise.

“I would solve it.”

The smell of blood spread immediately after a dull sound.

“I regret.”

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