Walk into Rain (Translation)


Level 1202 R 的一个原始图片

This is another “Level”.

An undocumented “Level”.

Whatsmore, a portable “Level”

Which was created by us–

And is harmful to us.

Now, it’s time to destroy it.

This page documented the last research of “HumanityID”, edited by many people.

Reminder: This document is not arranged in linear time order, please proceed with caution.

The content displayed as [CENSORED] is censored by Level 1202 . In fact, all the censored content are same

This document is related to plenty of other pages. The most important two are The Button Room(Not translated) and Level 1202(Not translated)

While some pages have weaker connections to this document: Blooded Diary(Not translated), Level 2017(Not translated), Level 224(Translated), Level 303(Translated), Level 11 (Some these are redlinks.)

D: From time to time…

M.E.G.CN has a new member now.

But, his personality, well, is confusing me.

After he came, many new Levels were discovered and documented by him… While I heard that even before he came to M.E.G.CN, he has already documented 3 Levels. I started to consider him a great person, maybe he is just who created all the Backrooms Levels, otherwise, how can I explain his productivity, how can he discover more than seven Levels in a month?

He quickly made friends with all the people around him, and his “communication methods” are making me feel … unacceptable?

In a word, he is really a questionable individual, I thought, from time to time after his actions. Maybe I really need to pay more attention to him.

Wait a sec, someone is calling me…

“Mr R, we decided to just permit him to edit documents. If he wants to submit a new Level, he can just do that by accessing the database. This can also make our work lighter. And I believe he can take the responsibility.”

“Let me think.”

I suddenly heard a message like this. At that point, I didn’t know whether anyone else find something unusual about him, even if “the unusual thing” is that obvious.

“Ahh, alright, just permit him.”

Maybe I just thought too much, and I didn’t have any reason to refuse them.

He has always finished his work perfectly, I was doubting if I was overthinking. But, even though it was not my will, I still paid more attention to him later.

Did he really have something hidden from others?

“Wow, I took the first place of the rank!”

What he said is the “Best Workers” rank of the M.E.G.CN. A few days before, he submitted a, maybe I should call it a fancy Level. With this Level and many other great contributions, he did appear on the rank.

“Good job.” I didn’t have time to care about this, and I kept editing documents on my computer. Terrible things kept happening those days, many people just couldn’t calm down.

What he did do after getting permission? He just deleted some files that are uploaded unexpectedly.

It seems like everything went normally.

B: Confusion

In the editor’s chat group, I saw this message:

“That person delete one of the Levels, without any reason”

The Level she deleted is Level 1202 R , which is the same quirky as Level 1202 . Was she just scared by the Level?

They criticised and punished her, and the whole event ended.

And Level 1202 R was not uploaded again, because they decided to explore that Level again…

Why can such an exploration be planned? Emm, someone is knocking on my door, I need to check it…

B: Why?

Deep in somewhere of Level 11, we were having an experiment. If this succeeds, a large number of people will be saved.

“Ahh, we escaped! Almost with the cost of a life!”

“Lu Wei, what happened? Weren’t you finding some materials in Level 7 just now?”

“I saw a camera on the sea, so I picked it, to take some pictures for my work.”


“And I lost…” Lu Wei showed me her hair, “so much hair!”

“What?” I laughed. “What are you laughing about? If I made another mistake, the camera will surely ’take my head’, and my only way to escape will become letting the Level ’took’ my head!”

“Such a dad joke.”

“Enough. How are you doing these days.”

“Oh, that’s the point. I need a volunteer to help me finish the experiment. If the experiment succeeds, plenty of people will be saved!”

“Volunteer, are you calling me?”

“Think too much. The volunteer, or the tested subject, must be an entity instead of humankind. Another solution is letting humankind enter that trap Level, but who will do that for us?”

“Sure. I didn’t want to go to that terrible place. While an entity is still not easy to be caught.”

A: Nobody knows me

There is only a micrometre between me and the final success. I need the final experiment.

It’s too dangerous to let a human take my product and enter that level, but it’s hard to catch an entity too. All these things together made me feel frightened.

Under the pressure from my heart, feeling someone is looking at me in the dark, I feel I am almost mad.

But, it is a bad choice to keep the experiment unfinished, even if I found no one can take part in the experiment. Until the day I met her.

She came from [CENSORED], I told her, if the experiment succeed, she will be killed instantly, and the [CNESORED] that is supported by her will possibly disappear too.

I don’t know why, why I can calm down to talk with her, about her fate, about her coming death. Maybe it’s just her personality or the hope that she offers to me and the project.

She approved.

“By the way, my last words: I am an entity that has no gender, if you want to use gender pronouns in the future, use whatever you want.”

There is no “future” for her. If the experiment succeeds, she will be killed. If failed, nobody knows what will happen.

“Alright. Sister Xue.”

… And it succeeded.

A: However

“It seems like you failed?”

“No. A big success.”

I shot her.

“Anyone who sees you will consider you as humankind.”

And, I didn’t shoot.

“But you are going to kill me, as you said…”

Why? Why I hesitated? “Something is driving us mad. You can leave now.”

“But you are leaving an entity, isn’t that illegal here?”

“Just leave me alone.”

“OK. And I am sorry if I hurt you in some ways.” She left, while I was thinking hard, trying to tidy up my mind. What did I do these days? Why am I feeling all – anything I have, is just from a lie?

B: Everything OK

I have focused on this experiment, and if it succeeds, it will save many people from that Level.

The Level I am talking about is The Button Room. The Level is simple, with a simple inside and a simple exit – just by pressing the button in the room. But, the Level performs a joke on everyone who entered. After they left the level, they will turn into an entity, but just in others’ minds, which stands for that they are still humans but will be never considered as one any longer.

And my plan is to make an “ID Card” so that anyone who comes out of the level can get the card, and will be never confused as an entity by others anymore. Thanks to this product, the Level will be not dangerous anymore…

But that won’t come true unless this final experiment succeeds.

I wait for several days for a suitable subject to be tested. And she came, from Level 11, with a jellyfish on her head. Special, so I remembered her clearly.

“It seems like you failed?”

“No. A big success.”

“I didn’t consider you as an entity after you came out of the Level, you look as same as before. So, we succeeded.”

Maybe I was too excited. I picked up my pistol.

“But you are going to kill me now if the experiment succeeds,” she said softly.

No! I was shocked, sitting on the chair, thinking about the experiment.

If I use an entity to do the experiment, I should kill it. But she is a human, so what was I doing at that point?

And my brain threw this answer:

“You are too excited. And you need to thank her for her help later, ask her to forgive your rude.”

A: Almost at the place

“All the resources of the Level are deleted completely, not reversibly.”

“Does anyone still remember the Level’s description? We need to make a temporary one.”

“Oh, I remembered that this is the right room ** Level 1202** , and the Level’s name is ’the same as you’, we don’t need to change it right?”

If we said Level 1202 is an instantiation of “Internet Love”, then the R version of the Level would be considered as the instantiation of “Another Me”.

Things become quirky when we do further research. Because Rightrooms are usually a Glitch Version of a Level, so Level 1202 R is more likely a part of Leftrooms. Before the Level was discovered, many people, including me, thought the R version of the Level must be something like “Failed Internet Love” or something glitched. However, it turned out that these opinions are false.

The Level looks as dark as Level 1202 , while wanderers entered the room, their electronic devices stop working, and they will lose their memory of this Level after they left. But unlike the original Level, this won’t decrease the IQ of entered wanderers. And the only entity in the Level is described as a sticky, soft object. Because of the surrounding darkness, nobody can tell what it is.

The entity will hug the wanderer who entered, and slowly change its shape (which is discovered by touching), personality and voice to the same as the wanderer.

These features make the Level almost safe, some people are even willing to enter the room to find “Another Me” to have a talk. Although someone else may feel disgusting will the entity change itself. Same as the Level 1202 , the Level can create a “Space Copy” while more than one wanderer enters, so each time, the wanderer will stay only with the entity.

But different from Level 1202 , the Level itself will do nothing harmful to wanderers. Instead, it will affect wanderers’ minds silently.

Level 1202 R takes a limited area, and it is not too large. If walking for 30 minutes, you will reach its border, and then come to Level 11.

No-clip into any object will transport you to cn:Level 2017.

Say a sorry from your heart to that entity, it will transport you to cn:Level 1202

“Damn. We even can’t reach the minimum standard of Level recording now!”

“That Level… Forget it, and do something more important now.”

B: It started to rain

When I was talking with Mr R, he suddenly mentioned her. “About him, I have something to tell you, don’t leak this to someone else. Don’t you feel that he is weird?”

“Yes. I think it is too easy for her to discover new Levels… and why I am calling her ‘sister’? She looks neutral.”

“You know, I can’t understand you… So I chose to follow my habits, I call him as calling male. And didn’t you notice the jellyfish on her head?”

“So I am feeling strange! Why am I calling her a ‘sister’?”

No, she is a human. I am sure that she is a human.

“Hi! Xin!”

“Oh, Lu Wei, welcome back!”

“I went to a meeting with some organizations from Level 4, and I just finished. So tired these days, I think I should have some days off. By the way, do you hear that tale? The person who leave the telephone record of Level 1202 was seen by someone in Level 11, and disappeared after running to a room full of computers.”

“Why didn’t I know? I remembered that the entrance has something to do with computers, maybe he was finding Level 1202 "

“It said that the Survival Difficulty of that Level was changed to Class Ψ. Maybe he was suffering emotional damage. But Class 2 is not a suitable class of that Level at all.”

We were off-topic, but that matters nothing. I didn’t want to be confused by those endless problems anymore.

“Lu Wei, you are tired out now, and someone discovered a new place called Rein Oracle(Not translated) recently. Why don’t we go and have a rest there?”

“Is that safe?”

“Of course!”

A: Hiding from the rain

Walking in Level 11, looking at myself, I am still a large terrestrial jellyfish, or an entity of the Backrooms.

However, they consider me as a human, so I am a human!

Now it’s time to enjoy the brand new life of humankind. I have no need to copy others, no need to study others’ shapes, voices, and even personalities!

How nice it will be if I am really a human!

When they don’t doubt that I am humankind;

when they say I look really cute;

when they are complaining my personalities are weird…

All these feelings of happiness will disappear if I take a look at my body, a body for entities instead of a body for humankind.

I have always reminded myself: I am an entity, not a human.

“Hey! You look worried? Anything bad happened?”

“Nothing, nothing. I am just having a rest here.”

Will he care about me, if he sees an entity instead of a human?

“Don’t worry about disturbing me, but if you have nothing to say, saying nothing is OK.”

So I will say nothing.

“What about making a friend? Do you want to become my friend? It said that the possibility of making new a friend will increase if one is sad. So become my friend please?”

There’s no causality between being sad and making friends.

“I accept.”

A: A short break

I still want to become a human…

I want to become a human, at least have a human outside so I won’t feel the conflict between others’ opinions and mine.

“Xing Xue, can I hug you?”

“Why? It’s a public place, maybe it’s not suitable?”

“But we are friends…”

Silence, then it is broken by his words.


He said with his arms open.

And I do. I hug him, so tight that he can’t escape. I keep hugging him, for many minutes … just like what I did before.

“Wow, such a powerful hug! Don’t leave, keep hugging.”

We hug for a while, and I feel something deep in my body and mind, has changed.


I changed. And he does find something changed.

“Don’t say that, do if you will become happier. It was something that you said: we are friends now.”

And he is looking at my hat, speaking slowly, as a century has passed.

“I think your hug is familiar, right? I have been to Level 1202 R before…”

“What is in your mind? You are my friend, and that is not a reason to break off relations with you, right?”

My look has been the same as his, from the first time I met him. That is the power of the HumanityID.

But who cares now?

I am a human now.

C: Only a shelter

“Happy Birthday! Xing!”

“Thank you.”

Xing has been unhappy since I first met her, from time to time. We have known each other for half a year, and her unhappiness seems never stopped.

She helped me a lot. Without her experiment, I won’t become a human. And she didn’t kill me even if she finished her goal.

Would she be punished after letting me go? I wondered.

“Happy Birthday Xing. Guess who comes here too?”

Lu Wei pushes someone into Xing’s arms. “It’s Eua! Eua survived!”

Xing hugs him tightly and guides him to a chair. “It’s great that you survived… Everything will be fine from now.”

“You aren’t as happy as I expected, Xing. I still remember you were really worried when you lost contact with him.”

“No, I am just too excited to accept the good news. Something drives me mad these days. After all, welcome Eua, everybody misses you!”

I don’t know who Eua is.

“Eua, you have been away for nearly a year! Let me check if your body or psychological condition is OK. And where did you go?”

Who is Eua?

“Oh, I accidentally entered Level 1202 before. But I forgot anything happened inside. I forget how much time I spent in the Level. And I found the slate disappeared. I kept walking. I was too afraid to record how long I walked, but I finally got out of the Level.”

Eua, possibly, entered [CENSORED] instead of Level 1202. Because I left Level 1202, that Level has been covered with complete darkness.

“And I appeared in Level 11 later.”

Not possibly, but certainly now.

And I may not return to that place now. I will delete this meaningless place for them.

“Eua is now your birthday present! He is fine, but just a little unconscious. So let us make him …”

“That’s not the point. So you accidentally discovered Eua, and you provide me with him as a birthday present because you didn’t prepare a present for me?”


And I didn’t get a present for her either.

Since that, my present is to solve her unhappiness.

A: Time to leave

I have always been there since my birth, always.

Darkness surrounds me, I can feel nothing except my own body, and I know nothing except myself.

The world? The humanity? The entities? The front rooms? Who would care for them in that endless dark and hopeless place?

The situation of carelessness last, not until another object appeared.

It made a sound that is unfamiliar to me. What was it?

I was so curious that I move to that object.

Maybe not the curiosity drove me to do that, but the instinct.

Later, I would know that this is something that just an entity will have, a kind of quirky instinct.

I covered that object, with my body. I tried to figure out what the object is, through touch.

And slowly, my body changed, changed into the shape that object was.


I used an unknown part of my body, making the sound in completely the same way as he did. I realized my voice was also the same as his.

After that event, more and more people came there. They were all different, but there was not always a clear difference between one and another of them.

They were in the same group, the same species. But I, where am I? Where is my group?

They called me “octopus” or “jellyfish”, they said that I am sticky and big.

And rarely, really rarely, I would meet someone even stranger than those humans. It was what they called an “entity”.

So, probably I found my species. I am an “entity”, too.

So, probably I found my group – a group of the world’s leftovers – a group of unexpected creatures – a group of failures.

Maybe the world would punish my failure, and send me to that darkness and empty space.

C: One more time

The number of coming people increased as time went by.

They said that the space where I was would be called [CENSORED], standing for the right room Level 1202 .

But they were discussing that the place should be called a left room instead of [CENSORED].

Once something fell out of a wanderer’s packet, they called it PHONE.

I learned a lot from the phone, and the phone recorded an experiment which gave me hope of becoming a human.

She left, with a feeling of luck, for she came to Level 1202 with a weak body. While at that point, she was planning to return to Level 11.

She was going to return. I couldn’t see where she was going, but I could follow her steps, and I feel something shining, it was a strange power called light.

“It’s too dangerous! I thought I have already gotten used to life in the Backrooms, seems I was wrong.” She checked herself carefully and took a deep breath, “The jellyfish didn’t hurt me, how lucky I was today.”

She took out her phone to check if it was damaged and called someone later.

“I survived! Can I have a day off? I will be sent to Level 7 for further exploration several days later. Thank you very much!”

Great, she didn’t notice me.

Even if I know all the detail and related resources of that experiment, I didn’t know the exact position at which the experiment was going to take place. But I did reach that Level, Level 11 .

I knew before I successfully joined the experiment, I shouldn’t catch anyone’s attention. I found a cat and turned myself into the shape of it. Then I wandered around this city core Level.

Finally, I succeeded in finding her. Although I had made the decision in my mind already, I followed her for a long time to monitor her project.

One day, I thought it was time to take the action.

A: Back to the storm

I deleted the document of the [CENSORED]. I left, so nothing would be left in the [CENSORED] anymore.

But this has nothing to do with Xing’s “Birthday Presents”.

These days, I discovered why Xing has always been unhappy. I just don’t want to admit that fact.

Because her mind has already been filled with a complete mess, which was caused by the “HumanityID” I am using now.

As a rare “Almond Sensitive” person in the M.E.G.CN, I drank a bottle of Almond Water.

And nothing happened, maybe I was even more energetic.

There is still a step between me and a true human.

I raised the pistol and shot.

Goodbye, HuamnityID, you are useless now. If I am a human, then there is no need to use an ID to prove myself. I can hug anyone if I want, without the fear of exposing my true face.


If you accidentally entered The Button Room, don’t push the button for a long time!

A: Walk into Rain

At that moment I destroyed the HumanityID, Xing suddenly became happy, like something bad was cleared out of the world.

I explained what happened to anyone who take part in the experiment and some people who are important to me. Thanks to the contribution I made to humanity in discovering Levels, they discussed if I was going to be disposed of, and finally, they listened to my suggestions and would just punish me for deleting Level 1202 R .

They did some research on HumanityID later, and after learning its features, they displayed the warning above, in the document of The Button Room. Taking HumanityID with an entity can change others’ minds to make them think it is a real human. But after a period which is not very long, the entity will really turn into a human, both outside and inside. So we can easily infer that while a short press of the button will make others consider one as an entity, pressing it for a long time will lead to an especially danger.

But later, the warning was removed, because of the death of the person who submit the Document E of The Button Room. Because of his death, we can’t confirm whether the document is true or modified by a third party. The Button Room’s document was kept as an unconfirmed document until another person escaped from The Button Room to Level 224 . They modified the document according to his description, and finally submitted a document of The Button Room which is under use currently.

From time to time, I complained deep in my heart. Why no one, no one would care about my unhappiness?

But now, the unhappiness has been washed away since I successfully became a human.

It’s just like I found a place, a place to hide from the endless, hopeless rainstorms. Humanity, which is my species, my group, and my campaign; but it has also been a shelter for my homeless heart till now.

“Till now.” Anyway, it is just a shelter, not a home, not a home for me forever. My new life began just “now”.

After taking a short rest, it is time to leave. Leave the shelter which is filled with warmth and walk into the rain – the rain in darkness, in the outside world, in the inside heart.

So, finally, I walked into Rain. I believe, there will be, there will forever be, there will always be…

A fine day awaits me.

Original writer: 晴雪与雨/小雪 Note from the original writer: This is my 13rd-1st work of mine. It is a story that saved many of my regrets. I am not good at naming characters, so I use some names in real life.

The story was planned to be written in a Bad Ending style, however, I thought twice and decided to give it a perfect ending. Please notice that even if the page itself said that the story is written by many individuals, it was just a part of my fictional worldview.

Many of my works and many parts of this page were modified several times to make sure there are no conflicts between each other. If you read the uncompleted version of the story in my sandbox before, please regard reading it again. Many parts of the upper half of this story have changed. Translator: Helium Lee Note from the translator: Well, this is a good story and I am not a good enough translator. I am planning to stop my Backrooms creation because I am going to prepare for the coming high school entrance examination, and this is my final work before leaving. The page has been translated in general, while many points need future fixing, so even if this is my final work, it will be modified several times in the future. If you find any bugs, please fix them directly by editing the page. Pay attention to the differences in the text’s idea between this translation and the origin. Because many of the expressions used by origin can only work well with native Chinese speakers, they will not be translated directly into English. This is a common situation often caused by the usage of non-international Internet memes like “发个刀子” which stands for writing a bad end for a story which seems like will be ended happily. If I come back to the Backrooms creation later, I will translate the related pages of this article. Before that, you may need a machine translator or someone else to translate some related worldview.

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